For the Pitch Wars crowd, here's the original query for YOU'LL MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE! I started querying this book in October 2015, signed with my agent in March 2016, and the book sold in May 2016 to Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse (title changed after it was acquired). It was released earlier this year! I also want to mention that before YMMWIG sold, I had three books on submission with my first agent, and two books I queried before that. 

Hopefully this also gives you an idea of how to potentially structure a query for a dual POV book!

Dear Agent,

Seventeen-year-old viola prodigy Adina only feels whole with a bow in her hand. Even though her instrument is usually in the background, she’s determined to become a soloist. Her fraternal twin sister, Tovah, has her own ambitions: MIT, med school, become a surgeon. 

But the most important test they’ll take isn’t an audition or a college entrance exam. It’s a genetic test for Huntington’s, a rare degenerative disease that slowly steals control of the body and mind. Huntington’s is a death sentence, and Adina and Tovah have spent the past few years watching it make their mother stumble and hallucinate and forget their names.

When the test results reveal that one twin will develop Huntington’s and one won’t, they self-destruct in different ways. One sister realizes testing negative doesn’t give her the freedom she thought it would, and her guilt sabotages her future plans. The other realizes testing positive means she can do whatever she wants — no matter the consequences. And then one concocts a dangerous plan that could change their family forever.

FINGERS CROSSED, a dual POV YA contemporary novel, is complete at 90,000 words. It will appeal to fans of Corey Ann Haydu, Amy Reed, and Nina LaCour.

Query stats for this book:

Queries sent: 80 | Requests: 26 | Offers of rep: 3